We are a not for profit active sober community center for men. Our mission is to empower men to create their own unique sustainable recovery.

Why We Do

The reason Pura Vida Recovery exists is to help save lives and empower men to take control of their recovery. Many people relapse after leaving treatment, 60-90 percent will never achieve long-term sobriety. It is our goal to provide a sustainable community, built upon connection to ensure that our members maintain long-term sobriety.

How We Are Different

We provide a platform for a progression of sobriety, building and sustaining a new way of living. We offer continuous, all encompassing programs and services to better serve people seeking sobriety. There is no end date, there is no graduation; men from all walks of life, from all stages of recovery are welcome to participate and join our community.

“Every addiction is uniquely woven…so every addiction must be uniquely unwoven” – Shawn Kingsbury 

Addiction Support

We offer various support groups and addiction resources to our community.

Wellness Programs

We offer numerous programs to connect men to mind, body, and spirit practices.

Community Building

Community gives men a sense of purpose and hope among their peers.


We share educational and transformational to material our community.


Addiction and Recovery: A How to Guide | Shawn Kingsbury | TEDx UIdaho

Shawn, a promising athlete, took a turn towards alcohol and drugs. After 18 years of addiction, jail, detox, and treatment facilities, he found sobriety. Shawn began rebuilding his life. In an effort to bring help to others who were struggling, he founded a Pura Vida...

Shawn Kingsbury is interviewed on the KHQ’s Keeping Vigil Segment

Stephanie Vigil interviews Shawn Kingsbury (Founder of Pura Vida). He tells his story and talks about Pura Vida Recovery.

Pura Vida Recovery Featured in Spokesman Review Article

Shawn Kingsbury, founder of Pura Vida Recovery, a sobriety group that combines 12-step program with physical fitness, yoga and high-intensity training, pets therapy dogs Azul and Amor in a space he is renovating for the program on Jan. 2 in Spokane. Click below to...

Pura Vida Recovery has Closed. You may reach out to the new men's only recovery non-profit reclaimprojectnw.org
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