Community Building

Community building and involvement is the bedrock to our foundation at Pura Vida Recovery. When people walk into the doors of PVR they are often alone, uncomfortable, sick, frightened, disconnected, and lost. This is the nature of addiction. We believe that by building a community, individuals find a sense of purpose and hope among their peers. This is truly when change begins and amazing things start to happen.

PVR offers extensive volunteer opportunities within our organization. This is one of our main ways of community building. We currently have over 20 volunteers. One of our core values is meeting people where they are, based off that we find the appropriate place for each individual within our organization.

We also believe whole heartily in volunteering and community involvement outside of PVR. This is why we have created a volunteer committee for outside projects, so our PVR community can better serve the community of Spokane and surrounding areas. In some cases addiction creates a rift among individuals and the larger community in which they live. By giving back to their community people are often transformed and begin to feel included back into society.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Pura Vida Recovery

We encourage our members to volunteer inside of PVR. It can be as simple has making sure the rooms are clean for a meeting, to running our newsletter. This provides accountability, purpose, and growth for each individual. The reality is Pura Vida would not exist without our amazing and dedicated team of volunteers.

In The Community

By giving back to their community people are often transformed and begin to feel included back into society. A few of our volunteer projects have been cleaning up the Spokane river, talking to schools, and giving presentations to the police department. With our new volunteer committee we plan on giving back to our Spokane community in an organized, impactful way.


Natural mentorship relationships evolve inside of PVR. People make new friends, train together, learn together, they begin to recover together. We have a wide range of recovery within PVR. Some people have 10 years of sobriety while others have two days. We are able to learn something from each person we come into contact with.


Alcohol/Drug Abuse Hotline


Be Sober Hotline


Washington Recovery Help Line


Spokane County Community Help


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Pura Vida Recovery has Closed. You may reach out to the new men's only recovery non-profit
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