How Donations Make  A Difference.

Over 500,000 people die each year due to addiction. For the 27 million people who are still alive, yet caught in the grips of addiction, help is often hard to find. Pura Vida Recovery is changing the way we offer help. We empower, encourage, and inspire people to make the necessary changes to create their own unique recovery. Your generous donation allows us to continue to provide our resources, programs, and services to the members of Pura Vida Recovery. The truth is you are helping us save and transform lives.   

One Time Donation

Your one time donation allows us to continue to provide our programs, classes, and resources to the members of Pura Vida Recovery. Every dollar you give counts! We are primarily funded through small donations. This means we need all the love and support we can get.

Monthly Membership

All of our classes are donation based and free to anyone who does not have a dollar to give. Your monthly membership fee is a great way to help us keep the doors open and our classes going. If you enjoy our services please sign up to be a monthly member. Feel free to design your own monthly amount.


Thank You To Our Amazing Partners & Sponsors:



Our Sponsors are a vital part of our organization. They allow us to be meet our objectives of community building and involvement. We are passionate about supporting and collaborating with our sponsors. This is why we highlight each company and organization who supports us on our website, as well as inside the Pura Vida Recovery active sober center. We also make sure to give recognition to each sponsor at all our events and fundraisers.

Become a Pura Vida Sponsor

Pura Vida Recovery would not be able to continue without the generous donations from our community partners. If you would like to help Pura Vida build a better world please check out sponsorship opportunities.